Turtle Wax March 2010: Behind the Scenes!!

April 9, 2010 in Behind the Scenes, Video

Does it really get any better than standing next to Tommy the Turtle with your name on a smart slate?!  We recently had an awesome two days of shooting HD DSLR video for Turtle Wax thanks to 426 Inc! With super cool clients and crew, the shoot was a huge success and the footage looks great (coming soon!)!  An extra special thank you to ProGear for all of their help getting us ready for this one-I’m proud of holding the current record for the most time it’s taken them to get an order together as well as them naming my special configuration of the Zacuto rig the “Lisa Rig”. Please support them, they rock!  Additional thanks go to Mandy and crew over at Zacuto, Ken at Dodd Camera, Ed Meyers from Canon, and Ryan Rude-I think I owe you all some of my famous chocolate chip cookies for answering all of my questions!;)  Behind the scenes photos taken by Sarah Crump, Lauren Butterfield, and Robbie Vasquez.

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Crain’s Chicago Business 3.22.10: The day Lauren lost her glasses and we tried to get into prison.

April 7, 2010 in Photography

Thank you to Crain’s Chicago Business for another fun assignment!  Lauren and I recently spent a morning at the new Joliet Prison Park-you can see the Crain’s article here.  The parking lot has recently been converted into a park (of sorts) with tourist info as well as some landscaping and picnic benches.  It wasn’t what I pictured in terms of a “park”, but it was a super cool place to go see!  We were hoping (and admittedly-looked for a way) to go inside, but no luck this time-if you happen to have a hookup and can get us in call me!:)  Here are some of the fun photos we took while we were there!