January 28, 2011 in Photography

If you are into gadgets and great design, you may have already heard some of the buzz around the TikTok and Lunatik.  These super cool Nano-watches have broken numerous records on Kickstarter, and are now available for pre-order! Time Out Chicago kindly asked us to photograph the creator, designer Scott Wilson of Minimal Design. I recommend you check out his website, if for no other reason than to admire how ultra cool the MNML logo is! Although I love far away locations, I was very excited when I found out the Minimal studio is right around the corner.  Even more exciting was when Scott and I, who are both RIT alumni, discovered we not only have mutual friends, but also hold dear a fondness for The Bug Jar! Scott Wilson, you rock!:)

It’s the Modern Manicure!

January 26, 2011 in Fun

What a deal!  Would you believe I found this little gem for $1?!  With the fantastic graphics and the pretty pink plastic box, this is just the kind of thing to make a girl smile-almost as much as the Katy Perry OPI set Melissa just gave to me, thank you Melissa!!:)  I love how inside step 2 says, “Removes callouses, nicotine stains” and I almost believe the line, “Makes glamorous hands possible for everyone!”  I don’t think they took into account those of us who have photography as a profession, where even the best nail polish chips after day two!:)

Chicago Magazine Janurary 2011: Susan Credle, CCO Leo Burnett

January 12, 2011 in Photography

What a pleasure it was to photograph the lovely and talented Susan Credle, Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett!  We were lucky to catch her just in time for the magazine’s deadline, as she had just flown in from India the day before.  That’s henna on her hand, no tattoos (or at least, that we could see)!  Was fun to chat with her about how neither one of us cook very much, Chicago, and what it’s like to be the boss!  To read more about her, pick up the January issue of Chicago Mag!

XOXO! to:

Hair/Makeup: Lillian Sakamaki

Digital Tech: Brian Eaves

Assistants: Sarah Crump and Jennifer Mauer


January 7, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Photography

Happy 2011!  It’s our first post of the year and we are excited to share with you a fantastic campaign we shot for Sprint!  We had SO much fun working on this one – big thanks to Euro RSCG for hiring us to do what we do best!  Some of our favorites below:

One of our favorite shots, featuring the lovely Teresa Cesario and very talented John Mountain, in time lapse action thanks to Brian Eaves!:

And XOXO to all of you!:

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