♥♥ Casio TRYX!! Part 2!

April 21, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Photography

Taking pictures of the Casio TRYX camera at a diner, a record store, and listening to great music-what more can a girl ask for?  Special thanks to one of our favorite Chicago record stores, Permanent Records, for letting us take over for the day!  I’m excited to let you in on a fun little secret-the album in our friend Alex’s hand belongs to Steel Pole Bath Tub (Permanent Records), an awesome band I was lucky enough to see live in ’97 (or was it ’96?) at the Bug Jar in Rochester, NY (the perfectly intimate venue to see your favorite band!). Keep your eye out for the Casio ads in magazines like Rolling Stone, Wired, Men’s Journal, and Sports Illustrated!

The TRYX has a super fun HDR Art function, check it out in the record store ads as well as in some of our behind the scenes shots here:

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Little (Raybestos ’64) GTO!

April 13, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Photography, Video

Raybestos is back!  Last year we talked shop with Troy Ladd while he was building the ’32 Roadster Pickup for Raybestos at Hollywood Hot Rods out in Burbank, CA.  This year we were lucky to work again with the same team of 426 Inc. and Schilling Film, but this time in our very own backyard!  We visited the fellas at Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle here in Chicagoland to talk about the ’64 GTO they’re building for this year’s contest which officially starts on June 15.  Click on the image below for a little preview!:

Pictured here are partners Chad Hill and master builder Kevin Tully:

And just for fun, a little behind the scenes clip where two of our crew members snuck up on me during the still shoot setup!  Thank you Angela Mata! 😉 I love my job!!!:

For more behind the scenes photos check out our facebook album!

Time Out Chicago, Issue 319: Swinging Spring Fashion!

April 7, 2011 in Photography

Thanks to Time Out Chicago for asking us to work on this super fun Spring Fashion cover story featuring 70’s inspired trends as well as products made in Chicago back in the 70’s!  I was excited to break out the swing for them a second time-originally hung in the studio with the help of some rickety scaffolding and a very brave friend (thank you Flint Chaney!!!) for TOC Spring Fashion way back in 2007!  Happy Swinging!!:)

This crew is just too cute!!!:)  To see some more behind the scenes check out Time Out’s website!


Assistants: Sarah Crump, Joanna Patterson, Lauren Butterfield, Ricky Kluge
Wardrobe Stylist: Maggie Morgan
Prop Stylist: Martha Mulholland
Hair & Makeup: Martina Sykes & Jaime Dahms
Retouching: Sarah Crump
Models (in order of appearance): Katherine Harris/BMG, Peter Kraus/Chosen, Eve Rydberg/Galatea, Kwesi Dei/Chosen 

♥ Casio TRYX!! Part 1!

April 5, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Photography

I love when layouts come across my desk and I know the job was made just for ME!  A week of shooting the super cool Casio TRYX camera campaign with our friends from Rivet was definitely one of those jobs!  All of the elements came together for a fantastic collaboration and a whole lot of fun!  A special thank you to my key collaborators Scott Jenkins and John Gallagher, Alter for the awesome CGI camera, as well as the entire crew!!!!

Here are a few of the shots that have been released, check back for updates and additional posts!!!

Click to see larger:

And, if you happen to be in Times Square over the next few months, keep an eye out for the extra large billboard featuring the drum kit shot!  MY FIRST TIMES SQUARE BILLBOARD!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!:)

Thanks to Ryan Rude for taking this awesome photo of it:

A few behind the scenes:

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