Chicago Magazine August 2011: Best Movers, MOVE-TASTIC!

July 29, 2011 in Photography

I’m obviously a huge fan of the exclamation point, so I think I need to start this blog post by giving big props to Move-tastic! for using it in their name!!!:)  Thanks to Chicago Magazine for asking me to photograph these really fun, super nice (and yes, handsome!) fellas and lovely lady for their Best of Chicago article!  Self proclaimed as Chicago’s premier athletic moving company, the owner even offers a weekly yoga class to his crew (how cool is that?!)!  After meeting these guys and reading even just a few of their 323 Yelp reviews, it’s pretty clear why they are the best!:)  Check out their website to schedule your next move!  Move-tastic!=Fan-tastic!!:)

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Chicago Magazine August 2011: Best of Chicago Artist Jessica Labatte

July 21, 2011 in Photography

I was very excited when Chicago Magazine asked me to photograph fellow photographer, Jessica Labatte!  We share a love affair with color and I couldn’t wait to spend the afternoon in her studio with her!  Talented, beautiful, and super sweet, check her out!!!:)