The Bowler

August 23, 2011 in Photography

Ladies and Gentleman, please allow me to introduce:

The Bowler

A man with skills and the trophy to prove it, The Bowler is a winner.  From the pins on his shirt, to the glove on his hand (and lets not forget the super fine moustache!), it is clear this is a man of style.  The Bowler enjoys the finer things in life, even his beer comes from The Land of Sky Blue Waters.  Ladies, you might notice this handsome fella does not wear a ring; but proceed with caution as this man is taken, The Bowler is married to the game.

Special thanks to Kevin Day for playing The Bowler!

Chicago Magazine August 2011: Best of Theatre

August 8, 2011 in Photography

Actors, I love ’em!!!!:)  We had so much fun shooting these four who are featured in Chicago Magazine’s Best of Theatre!  We started with Ora Jones, this woman is gorgeous inside and out!  Next was Nick Sandys, a complete gentleman, when he offered to show us his weapons we just couldn’t refuse!  Dexter Bullard is not only the Best Director, but also the best hand shadow puppeteer-AWESOME!  And to close out the day, PJ Powers told us love stories and let loose!   Special thanks to Martina Sykes for Hair & Makeup!

Ora Jones – Best Actress

Nick Sandys – Best Actor

Dexter Bullard – Best Director

PJ Powers of Timeline – Best Theatre Company

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We were also lucky enough to shoot Best of Theatre for 2010-if you want to check those out, take a peek here!:)