Santa Claus: Naughty or Nice? ;)

December 23, 2011 in Photography

Ladies and Gentleman,

I have the great privilege of introducing to you, an up & coming talent we’ve had the pleasure of working with for several years now. You might recognize him from small cameos in some of our previous photographs: May I have this dance?The Inlaws!, and if you go way back, you may even remember one of his earliest roles in Holidad (Page 2 of the website, right column, 2nd row)! May I present to you, in his first time as the star of a feature photograph, Santa Claus: Naughty or Nice?, SANTA CLAUS!!!!

Santa’s co-star is another long time collaborator; playing Mrs. Claus, Delia Aces!!!  Keep an eye out for her February 2012 show with Michelle L’amour’s Chicago Starlets.  I wonder if Santa will be there?;)

Happy Holidays!!!

Mrs. Claus: Delia Aces: Martina Sykes 
Assistants:  Sarah Crump & Joanna Patterson
Intern: Casey Gorham

Chicago Magazine Janurary 2012: Ed Marszewski

December 19, 2011 in Photography

Thank you Chicago Magazine for asking me to photograph the very charismatic and ambitious Ed Marszewski!:) Ed has his hands on the coolest of cool (all based in his Bridgeport neighborhood): Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar, Co-Prosperity Sphere Gallery, Lumpen, and Proximity, not to mention several other PRINTED publications! Hooray for print!!:) Along with his lovely wife Rachael, he has been working hard to improve their neighborhood and together they are on a constant mission of community development. Rachael, also an artist, has some pretty grand plans of her own-including a path towards medical school, with the goal of creating better access to healthcare in Bridgeport as well as the greater south side of Chicago. I wish the Marszewskis lived in my neighborhood!:)

From the magazine (subscribe here!):

And a few outtakes we shot at the gallery:

Assistants: Lauren Butterfield and Nathanael Filbert
Hair & Makeup: Karen Brody

♥♡♥ GRACELAND ♥♡♥!!!!!

December 16, 2011 in Fun

The first time I stood outside the gates of Graceland I was 7 years old. As we arrived, it was dark, raining, and hours had past since the last tour. We were all exhausted from the drive, but still enthusiastic about jumping out of the car, even if it was just to peer through the gates.

My mom is the one who of course inspired this first pilgrimage!:) I can remember being a kid and dancing with her to Elvis records in our very 70’s family room. She and I watched countless Elvis movies together (somehow my dad and brother always had other things to do!).  And EVERY Christmas we listened to the two (one is not enough!) Elvis Christmas albums she had as we decorated the tree and again as we opened presents-a tradition I still honor!:)

I think most people who know me, know: I LOVE ELVIS! And I love it all-young Elvis, old Elvis, the good movies, the bad movies (maybe I love the bad movies just a little bit more!), even Elvis tribute artists. Seriously, how can you not love a man in a bedazzled jumpsuit?!

I was very excited to be in Memphis recently, and of course had to visit Graceland once again!:) Mom, this one is for you!:)

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Time Out Chicago, Issue 354: Holiday Party Fashion

December 9, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Photography

Holiday Fashion? Yes, please!
Andrew, Kevin, and Jessica? Yes, please!
Improv Olympic? Yes, please!
Puppets? YES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!:)

Thank you Time Out for thinking of us again this year for the Holiday Party Fashion (here is last year’s if you want to take a peek!)!

A special thanks to the iO cast from Joy! – An iO Family Christmas Special which is running for just two more Wednesdays (December 14th and December 21st) at 9pm , buy your tix here!  The show is described as a bit of old school Christmas review feel with guests from around the theater popping in and joining on stage (the perfect kind of show for my short attention span!).  AND at the end audience participation is encouraged for a round of caroling down Clark St!:)

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Another special thanks to Dinner Party who sells and rents fabulous vintage tableware, linens, and home decor (some of which looks like it came out of my own kitchen cabinet!)!  You can also see some of their wares at the next Dose Market on February 12, 2012!

Talent: From Improv Olympic (l-r in spread) Caitlin Barlow, Nathan (Jon Forsythe), John Pantlind, Katy Colloton, Jesse (Cesar Jaime), Nnamdi Ngwe
Wardrobe Styling: Kevin Aeh and Jessica Herman
Hair & Makeup: Martina Sykes and Emily Massa
Food Styling: Tobe LeMoine
Assistants: Sarah Crump and Joanna Patterson
Retoucher: Sarah Crump

What do Lauren and I like to do when we get to location early?

December 6, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Photography

Take pictures of course!:)  Check out her blog debut here, and this time WITH glasses, the oh so lovely Lauren Butterfield!

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