Sarah Crump IS The Ceramic Cat Lady!

July 19, 2012 in Photography

How often does one have an assistant who is sweet, talented, creative, beautiful, entertaining, and who will take their pants off for a photograph?!  Good thing there is no HR department!;)  For those of you who don’t already know her, let me introduce, The Ceramic Cat Lady,  aka Sarah Crump!  Check out her super crafty blog where you can learn how to make Shibori (amongst other very cool things) and get a glimpse of where the name came from.  Sarah, who is now on the freelance job market, is also a fantastic retoucher and digital tech-you should hire her!  But don’t think the lovely Miss Crump is going to take her pants of for you too-it took years where we spent more time together than with anyone else filled with countless photographs, miles (car and plane), giggles, and an awesome friendship.  Thank you Sarah Crump, I truly appreciate you and thank you for taking your pants off-these would not have been as cute had you left them on!!! XOXO

Vagrant Nobility: Awesome clothes, Awesome dudes:)

July 11, 2012 in Photography

I was very excited when Michael Morarity from Vagrant Nobility emailed me to see if I was interested in collaborating!  When he offered up his retouching skills as part of the deal, there was no turning back!  Since then, Mr. Morarity and I have spent several hours working at dueling computers and I can tell you he not only knows great design but he’s a pretty fantastic guy too.

More importantly, check out the clothes and BUY THEM HERE!!!!!!!!!:)  Vagrant Nobility, created by Michael Morarity and Tim Tierney, is Chicago made men’s fashion with a timeless aesthetic or more simply: awesome clothes made by awesome dudes.:)  Thanks fellas for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with you, and to once again photograph one of my favorite male models, the very handsome Kevin Day!:)

Awesome dudes:), Tim and Mike:

Model: Kevin Day
Assistants: Joanna Patterson, Lyndon French
Retouching: Michael Morarity, Sami (heart over the i) Hylla