Last Friday night with Billy & Alexandrea!!!

March 28, 2013 in Photography

Friday night I had the pleasure of photographing (and being serenaded by ♥♥♥!!!!) two of the sweetest and most talented people I know, my dear friends Billy & Alexandrea Watson!!!!!!:)  Currently these two are working on a full length album with their band, Rivals of the Peacemaker.  With just a few days left of their Kickstarter, you too can help be a part of their creative process!!:)  Please take a peek, a listen, and contribute-the music is great and so are they!:)

TheWatsons_60313 1319_finalcrop

TheWatsons_60313 1201_finalcrop

I couldn’t resist giving a slight nod to one of Alex’s most current song inspirations, the story of Marina Abramovic & Ulay (this video is AMAZING, I tear up every time I watch it!).:)

TheWatsons_60313 1080_finalcrop

Hair & Makeup: Morgan Blaul
Retouching: Sami Hylla
Intern: Madeline Northway

MDW to RSW: Ocean Floor for Everything

March 12, 2013 in Fun, Video

I just recently escaped the cool Chicago air and had a short trip to sunny Florida thanks to my awesome big brother!!!:)  On our way back from visiting with turtles, winds picked up and a “sand storm” cleared out the beach-it was a pretty incredible visual, I of course have to share!

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Unfortunately, sand storms don’t sound particularly fantastic on an iPhone mic.  Here enters a song I love so much, it’s in my head constantly!  And as most of my friends know, I kind of love the “repeat” button!  How to Dress Well is AMAZING!  Buy the music here or on iTunes so you too can listen to it on repeat!!!!:)

Music: How to Dress Well, Ocean Floor for Everything