Chicago Magazine, May 2017: Samantha Irby

May 22, 2017 in Photography

Would you believe this is my THIRD photo shoot with the AWESOME Samantha Irby for Chicago Magazine?!?!!!  I feel pretty lucky every time the phone rings with a job, but this one in particular!!!  I can’t rave about Samantha enough; her blog, Bitches Gotta Eat, and her most recent book, We are Never Meeting in Real Lifeare both LOL funny and MUST READS!!!!!  The first two times I photographed her in 2013, Sam and I were both experiencing pretty severe physical pain-it’s funny how empathy for pain can immediately make you feel connected to someone.  During both of those shoots, Samantha made me smile and laugh so much I almost forgot how I really just wanted to lay on the floor and cry; laughter is truly some of the best medicine!!!

Fast forward to April 2017, when Chicago Mag asked if I would drive to Michigan to photograph her-it was the perfect opportunity to ask two of my favorite babes (Andrea Donadio & Jacqueline Ayala) to roadtrip to Kalamazoo to photograph Samantha & then drive just a little further to visit Mom and Dad Predko!  So awesome to share my childhood home complete with Mom Predko’s famous margaritas and a little middle school nostalgia (thanks to Nick Gavrilides & Josh Lane for our awesome meal at Gracie’s!).  But let’s get back to Samantha Irby!!!! Did you hear she now has a development deal with FX for a series inspired by her book Meaty, and Abbi Jacobson from Broad City <swoon!> is one of the executive producers?!!!!!!  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!  💗 💗 💗 💗

Assistant: Jacqueline Ayala
Makeup: TaBetha Morrison
Driver/Favorite Roadtrip Partner: Andrea Donadio
Retouching: Sarah Crump

Trixie Mattel & Brian Firkus: Two Birds

May 2, 2017 in Photography

Today is a very exciting day for country music!  Currently, my collection includes legends such as Dolly, Johnny, Hank (1 & 3), Patsy, and Loretta; as of today, Brian & Trixie join these master crooners!!!!!!!  I am SOOOO excited to promote the release of drag legend Trixie Mattel/Brian Firkus‘s FANTASTIC new album, Two Birds, now available on iTunes!!!!!!  As always, it was such a pleasure collaborating with the AMAZING Trixie on this super fun conceptual shoot!  Inspiration for the album art was drawn from 60s and 70s country albums with a little bit of “Green Acres” thrown in there too (so in love with those sets & Eva Gabor <sigh>!!!). Trixie is the kind of client I throw out all the stops for-this includes taking a machete to the park, asking the ex-husband for a favor, and bringing into the studio tall grass (I’m highly allergic to) with fragile fuzzy plumes that shed EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!  Don’t worry, I survived and I’m thrilled with our collaboration; check out our awesome new pics below and go give the album a listen!:)

Assistants: Jacqueline Ayala, Tom Michas
Intern: Jiaqi Li
Prop Assist: Amber Halaka
Fence: Emotive Reclaim, check out Rob’s AWESOME work here: website and Instagram
Retouching: Tom Michas (Tomikiss)
Special thanks: Robbie Vasquez III