5th Annual Slow & Low: Chicago Community Lowrider Festival

August 11, 2015 in Fun, Photography, Video

From the moment I heard about the 5th Annual Slow & Low: Chicago Community Lowrider Festival, I was literally counting the days until I could visit this little piece of “Lisa Heaven”!!!!!!!  I’m in LOVE with the artistry, attention to detail(!!!), but most of all the engineering-I saw an El Camino FLY on Sunday (check out the video at the end of this post!)!!!  Seriously, how is this even possible?!?!?!?!?!  So many cool vintage & custom cars-my heart was exploding with joy!!!:) With 2 of my favorite ladies on my arms I got to take SOOOOO many photos!!!!  Check out some of my favorites, below.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Photo Aug 09, 5 22 34 PMPhoto Aug 09, 5 20 57 PMPhoto Aug 09, 5 04 09 PMPhoto-Aug-09-5-00-24-PM-1024x683_2Photo Aug 09, 4 45 30 PMPhoto Aug 09, 4 43 14 PM

MDW to RSW: Ocean Floor for Everything

March 12, 2013 in Fun, Video

I just recently escaped the cool Chicago air and had a short trip to sunny Florida thanks to my awesome big brother!!!:)  On our way back from visiting with turtles, winds picked up and a “sand storm” cleared out the beach-it was a pretty incredible visual, I of course have to share!

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Unfortunately, sand storms don’t sound particularly fantastic on an iPhone mic.  Here enters a song I love so much, it’s in my head constantly!  And as most of my friends know, I kind of love the “repeat” button!  How to Dress Well is AMAZING!  Buy the music here or on iTunes so you too can listen to it on repeat!!!!:)

Music: How to Dress Well, Ocean Floor for Everything


Raybestos Garage: Talking Shop ’13 RR Mustang Episode 1

June 14, 2012 in Video

I’ve said several times, I have the coolest job in the world; this project is just one more example!:)  I had the pleasure of working on another very cool Raybestos video, this year they are giving away a super amped-up ’13 Roush Mustang (ENTER HERE!!)!  One of the best parts was being able to collaborate not only with 426 Inc, Raybestos, and Roush, but also with very talented fellow photographer/filmmaker/storyteller (and most importantly my very dear friend!), Jim Luning!!  At times we worked in tandem, but also shot separately-I loved seeing the footage at the end of the shoot and thinking, “when did Jim shoot that?!”  There are also some fantastic vintage stills of Jack Roush, check out the sideburns!:)

A few screen grabs can be seen below, to see episode 1 click here or one of the images.

Ben Wahhh for Laura Roeper’s Permanent Canvas

November 18, 2011 in Photography, Video

When Laura Roeper shared with me her concept to film the contrasting work and home lives of Ben Wahhh (Deluxe Tattoo), I couldn’t wait to work on it with her!  Check out her blog, Permanent Canvas, to read their interview and of course take a peek at this super talented artist in our video below  (HD option in the top right corner once it starts playing!)!  Special thanks to Laura, Ben, and also to Jason Kraynek for editing!

Can you guess who’s closet this might be?:)

Little (Raybestos ’64) GTO!

April 13, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Photography, Video

Raybestos is back!  Last year we talked shop with Troy Ladd while he was building the ’32 Roadster Pickup for Raybestos at Hollywood Hot Rods out in Burbank, CA.  This year we were lucky to work again with the same team of 426 Inc. and Schilling Film, but this time in our very own backyard!  We visited the fellas at Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle here in Chicagoland to talk about the ’64 GTO they’re building for this year’s contest which officially starts on June 15.  Click on the image below for a little preview!:

Pictured here are partners Chad Hill and master builder Kevin Tully:

And just for fun, a little behind the scenes clip where two of our crew members snuck up on me during the still shoot setup!  Thank you Angela Mata! 😉 I love my job!!!:

For more behind the scenes photos check out our facebook album!

May I have this dance? Happy Holidays!!!

December 22, 2010 in Photography, Video

Our Time Out shoot with the House Theater, inspired us to take our set just a few steps further!  Thanks to Mr. Chance Bone for coming back to the studio, throwing on some snazzy duds (thanks to the lovely Liz Klafeta) and spreading some holiday cheer!  To see more of Mr. Bone’s talents, check out his music on myspace, or see him live in person at Schubas on 1/16/11 as part of the group Lionlimb.:)

We couldn’t resist throwing together just a few more images so you too could have the pleasure of a dance with Chance (click on the HD option in the top right corner for better quality!)!  I only hope you enjoy this as much as I do!  Happy Holidays!!!!  XO Lisa


Raybestos Garage: Talking Shop with Troy Ladd #1

June 30, 2010 in Video

Check out this cool new video I worked on with 426 Inc!  Raybestos Brakes is working with Troy Ladd from Hollywood Hot Rods in Burbank, CA to build a very cool ’32 Roadster Pickup they are GIVING AWAY in a contest!  Working on this project, I’m not allowed to enter, but you should!!:)  Click on the image below or here to enter and check out the video!

Special thanks to my co-camera, Brian Schilling, as well as Cine-G and ProGear for helping out with our shoot!

Turtle Wax: Hard Shell Finish Jingle Contest!

May 5, 2010 in Video

I’m happy to share the fun video we did to announce the Turtle Wax Hard Shell Finish Jingle Contest! The folks over at Turtle Wax are fantastic, and I may have been just a little star struck meeting Tommy the Turtle! If you are at all musically or artistically inclined-enter the contest, you could win $2500!!! Special thanks to my super crew!:

Producer: Jason Schettler
DIT/Camera Assistant: Brian Schilling
Electric: Fred Miller, Mike Bove
Sound Mixer: JT Mueller
Boom: Eric Anthony
Hair & Makeup: Karen Brody
Wardrobe: Mallory Sills
PAs: Sarah Crump and Lauren Butterfield
Equipment Rental: Steve LaMonica @ ProGear Rental

Turtle Wax March 2010: Behind the Scenes!!

April 9, 2010 in Behind the Scenes, Video

Does it really get any better than standing next to Tommy the Turtle with your name on a smart slate?!  We recently had an awesome two days of shooting HD DSLR video for Turtle Wax thanks to 426 Inc! With super cool clients and crew, the shoot was a huge success and the footage looks great (coming soon!)!  An extra special thank you to ProGear for all of their help getting us ready for this one-I’m proud of holding the current record for the most time it’s taken them to get an order together as well as them naming my special configuration of the Zacuto rig the “Lisa Rig”. Please support them, they rock!  Additional thanks go to Mandy and crew over at Zacuto, Ken at Dodd Camera, Ed Meyers from Canon, and Ryan Rude-I think I owe you all some of my famous chocolate chip cookies for answering all of my questions!;)  Behind the scenes photos taken by Sarah Crump, Lauren Butterfield, and Robbie Vasquez.

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Kilo Kai 2009 Calendar series: featuring Sabina Kelley!

November 17, 2009 in Behind the Scenes, Photography, Video

It was quite a pleasure to work with the very lovely and talented, Sabina Kelley on this great modern pin-up series for Kilo Kai rum!  I’m excited to share with you the 2009 Kilo Kai Calendar!


Agency: 426 Inc
Retouching: Portus Imaging
Assistants: Dana Pachl & Sarah Crump
Digital Tech: Brian Eaves
Stylist: Julie Korman Tallarida
Seamstress: Claudia Guajardo
Makeup: Diana Arce
Hair: Gia Tumillo