Marketing News Magazine, June 2017: The 2017 AMA Gold Top 50 Report

June 2, 2017 in Photography

Gold on gold on gold!!!  We are definitely still finding glitter and sequins around the studio after this one; every time I see the little twinkle of light, it just reminds me how much I love shooting with Vince for Marketing News Magazine and collaborating with my AMAZING team!  Can we just take an extra moment to admire those gorgeous hands and that awesome cake?  The AMA Gold Top 50 Report is a list of the top 50 revenue-generating market research firms in the US; previously called the Honomichl report, I feel super lucky our cover story was after the name change!:)  Check out our super fun pics below!


Assistants: Jacqueline Ayala, Tom Michas
Model: Sarah Uchison
Food Stylist/Caterer Extraordinaire/She Does It ALL!: Andrea Donadio
Retouching: Tom Michas (Tomikiss)

2016: A Happy Trixie New Year!!!

December 31, 2015 in Photography

It’s been said, you are supposed to spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in preparation for what you want to happen in the upcoming year.  There is nothing I want more than to spend the next year working with my favorite (& future favorite!!) creative collaborators!  Checkout this very special NYE shoot we did yesterday with one of my favorite creative babes, the ultra fabulous Trixie Mattel!!!:) 🙂 🙂  Wishing everyone the best for the new year!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX!!!!!!!!!

TrixieNewYear_31215_3115_blogTrixieNewYear_31215_3187_blog TrixieNewYear_31215_3206_blog

Assistants: Brian Gladkowski & Tom Michas
Intern:  Travon Newbern
(You can’t ever have too much glitter & rhinestones) Prop Artist: Emily Franklin
Clock Fabricator/Problem Solver: Dane Larsen
Retouching: Sarah Crump

Ashley Aspiranti is moving….to the suburbs….of Virginia?!?!?!!!

September 30, 2015 in Photography

When my girlfriend Ashley told me she was going to be moving away from Chicago, she asked if I wanted to do a shoot before she (literally!) packed her bags-the answer, of course, YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!:)

I first met Ashley on the internet in 2005 when I was looking for a model for a Chicago Magazine photo shoot. At the time, she was fairly new to Chicago and her mom didn’t want her to come by my studio for a go-see fearing I might be a creepy photographer with ill intentions-LOL!!!!:)  Several years and several photo shoots later, I’m so happy to call this lovely lady a friend!  Wishing you the best in your next adventure girl-I know we will cross paths again soon!!!  XOXOXOX!!!!


Assistant: Jacqueline Ayala 
Intern: Tom Michas 
Retouching: Sami (with a ♥ over the i) Hylla


Goodbyn is GREAT!!!:)

September 22, 2015 in Photography

I wish it was every day when a client stops by the studio wanting to collaborate on concepting a photo shoot with a brief in hand containing words like “Creating fun”, “unexpected and imaginative”, “Picnic in Outer Space”, and “Offbeat is encouraged!”  Goodbyn I love you!!!!!:)  We had such a great time producing this super fun shoot for a truly awesome client and we are even more excited to share it with you!!:)  Goodbyn is an independently woman owned, local business (YES!!!!) that makes super cute, easy to use, lunch boxes and food containers for an on-the-go lifestyle.  They come in some of my favorite colors (I’m partial to the purple and pink!) and I love the different compartments to help eliminate the need for disposable bags.  Checkout their website to purchase and through 10/1 use the code ‘FALLSALE’ for 25% off!

special thanks to my amazing crew as well as our cast (and parents!!)-this was a true collaboration of so many incredible talents, I’m grateful to work with all of you!!:)  XOXO!!!:
Producer: Brian Gladkowski
Assistants: Lauren Butterfield & Jacqueline Ayala
Master Prop Fabricator: Emily Franklin
Hair & Makeup: Karen Brody
Stylist: Melanie Francis
Stylist Assistant: Joanna Patterson
Food Stylist: Misha Shebesta
Digital Tech & Retouching: Sami (with a ♥ over the i) Hylla
Intern: Tom Michas 

Chicago Magazine, September 2015: Dreamy David Cerda

September 17, 2015 in Photography

A special thank you to Martha Williams and Jacqueline Cantu from Chicago Magazine for creating a match made in heaven by asking me to photograph the INCREDIBLY talented David Cerda of Hell in a Handbag Productions!!!  I have been a fan of Cerda’s work for years; a playwright and actor, Cerda is co-founder and Artistic Director of HIAH Productions (and have you seen his band The Joans??????!!!!?!?!?)!  When we spoke on the phone the first time, I immediately felt like we were old friends, talking about our mutual admiration for each others work (!!!) and our mutual love of works from Hitchcock, Joan Crawford, and John Waters.  Part of my “homework” for this shoot was to watch Joan Crawford in Strait-Jacket (SO GOOD!!!!) as well as the inspiration for this shoot and Cerda’s newest tribute play, The Crate from the 1982 film Creepshow.  This led to a super fun trip to Death Studios in Indiana (on the back of a motorcycle!) to pick up a reproduction mask of Fluffy (The Cratebeast-originally created by Tom Savini) and hang out with master mask maker Jeff Death-thanks for the tip Scott Jenkins!!  Did I mention all of this is my job?!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  The day of the shoot Cerda brought with him another incredible talent, Lolly Extract, to help bring Fluffy to life-you can see them both in Scream, Queen, SCREAM! opening on Thursday September 24th-I seriously can’t wait!!!!!


Assistants: Jacqueline Ayala & Brian Gladkowski
Intern: Tom Michas 
The Cratebeast mask: Death Studios
Costume & severed heads: Chicago Costume Thanks Courtland!!:)
Inside the Cratebeast: Lolly Extract
Wig Stylist: Muffy Fishbasket
The Thor of Predko Studio (Lightning Bolt Creator): Dane Larsen
Retouching: Sami (with a ♥ over the i) Hylla