Chicago Magazine, November 2016: The Superfan

November 3, 2016 in Photography

Woo hoo!!!! The Chicago Cubs won the world series for the first time in 108 years last night!! I think it’s fair to say that sports REALLY are not my thing, but I am one of the biggest fans of Chicago and I’m very happy for all of the fans of the Chicago Cubs!  I am especially happy for the lovely and talented Sarah Spain, a reporter on ESPN known for her love of all of the hometown Chicago teams!  I photographed this lovely super fan for Chicago Mag, and it was super fun to have her in the studio and hear all of her great stories.  Having played sports in high school and college, Sarah is an accomplished and impressive athlete in her own right, who now plays in rec leagues just for fun.  On top of that she graduated with honors (top 15% of her class!) and she is a graduate of the Second City Improv conservatory!  Sporty, smart, stunning, & a sense of humor-Sarah Spain truly is super!:)

cm_sarahspain_40916_9487_final_blog cm_sarahspain_40916_9528_withundereye_finalcm_sarahspain_40916_9577_final
Assistant: Jacqueline Ayala, Tom Michas
Hair & Makeup: Jamie Tannenbaum, Chicago Makeup Artists
Retouching: Tom Michas (Tomikiss)

IL Meetings + Events, Fall 2016: Nate’s Ice

October 18, 2016 in Photography

I occasionally, ALMOST, feel bad because I LOVE my job so much!!!  On one of the hottest summer days, Jackie and I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing, the very cool, Nate Johnson of Johnson Studios Ice Sculptures for Illinois Meetings and Events Magazine!  We spent the morning at Nate’s studio near Midway, listening to punk music, chatting in between power tool motors revving, taking fun pics to share with you and SWEATING!  I was surprised to learn Nate actually likes working in the heat because it softens the edges a bit!:)  An awesome day with a super talented guy-Nate Johnson rocks!!!:)

056_ilmefa16me_natesice_50716_7134_final_blog me_natesice_50716_7367_final_cropme_natesice_gif_final


Assistant: Jacqueline Ayala
Retouching: Tom Michas (Tomikiss)

Marketing News Magazine, September 2016: Customer Experience COVER!!!!

September 15, 2016 in Photography

We had SUCH a great time creating this cool color story for The Customer Experience COVER of Marketing News Magazine!!!:)  This was a day spent with some of my favorite people and a gorgeous girl who I’ve only been social media friends with (for four years) patiently waiting for the right project to shoot her!  Special thanks to my friend Geoff Benge (check out the AWESOME guitars he makes here!); back in July of 2012,  he suggested I photograph our very lovely and sweet model, Randi!  Sometimes these things take time!!;)  Speaking of time, big thanks to our AWESOME Art Director, Vince Cerasani, who I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on projects with for more than 10 years (how cool is that?!?!!!)!  And MORE thanks to our INCREDIBLE hand model, Chris Martiniano; the first time this guy walked in front of my camera lens was back in 2003 as part of a Captain Morgan shoot!!!  Counting the years makes me feel grateful and appreciative-you guys rock!!!! XOXOX!!!!!!


Assistant: Jacqueline Ayala, Tom Michas
Hair & Makeup:Jamie Tannenbaum, Chicago Makeup Artists
Model: Randi Dowling
Hand Model: Chris Martiniano
Retouching: Tom Michas (Tomikiss)

Chicago Lawyer Magazine, May 2016: The Women Leading Big Law

June 29, 2016 in Photography

It was such a pleasure to meet and photograph these four awesome ladies for the cover of Chicago Lawyer Magazine, each of them an equity partner in their respective firms!  Citing the CL article, “…only 22.4% of all partners among responding firms are women.”-YIKES!!!  From left to right, I present to you four very inspirational women: Kerryann Haase Minton from Micheal Best & Friedrich, Lisa Scruggs from Duane Morris, Mary Wilson from Denton, and Linda Myers from Kirkland & Ellis. With my affinity for old movies, I particularly love Linda Myers’ anecdote about watching Adam’s Rib (1949) as a kid and being inspired by Katherine Hepburn’s strong feminist lawyer character!:) To read more about these awesome ladies, check out the article here!


Assistant: Jacqueline Ayala
Intern: Dolly Nguyen
Retouching: Sami (with a ♥ over the i) Hylla

My Beyoncé Lovin’ Babes!

June 9, 2016 in Photography

A few weeks ago, some of my loveliest ladies dressed up to go see the amazing Beyoncé perform here in Chicago.  After seeing what they were planning to wear, I couldn’t help but build them a set! ?????


Retouching: Sarah Crump

2016: A Happy Trixie New Year!!!

December 31, 2015 in Photography

It’s been said, you are supposed to spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in preparation for what you want to happen in the upcoming year.  There is nothing I want more than to spend the next year working with my favorite (& future favorite!!) creative collaborators!  Checkout this very special NYE shoot we did yesterday with one of my favorite creative babes, the ultra fabulous Trixie Mattel!!!:) 🙂 🙂  Wishing everyone the best for the new year!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX!!!!!!!!!

TrixieNewYear_31215_3115_blogTrixieNewYear_31215_3187_blog TrixieNewYear_31215_3206_blog

Assistants: Brian Gladkowski & Tom Michas
Intern:  Travon Newbern
(You can’t ever have too much glitter & rhinestones) Prop Artist: Emily Franklin
Clock Fabricator/Problem Solver: Dane Larsen
Retouching: Sarah Crump

Ashley Aspiranti is moving….to the suburbs….of Virginia?!?!?!!!

September 30, 2015 in Photography

When my girlfriend Ashley told me she was going to be moving away from Chicago, she asked if I wanted to do a shoot before she (literally!) packed her bags-the answer, of course, YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!:)

I first met Ashley on the internet in 2005 when I was looking for a model for a Chicago Magazine photo shoot. At the time, she was fairly new to Chicago and her mom didn’t want her to come by my studio for a go-see fearing I might be a creepy photographer with ill intentions-LOL!!!!:)  Several years and several photo shoots later, I’m so happy to call this lovely lady a friend!  Wishing you the best in your next adventure girl-I know we will cross paths again soon!!!  XOXOXOX!!!!

Assistant: Jacqueline Ayala 
Intern: Tom Michas 
Retouching: Sami (with a ♥ over the i) Hylla