Marketing News Magazine, April/May 2017: The Human Side of Social Media

April 27, 2017 in Photography

This super fun photo illustration is brought to you with many thanks to one of our favorite editorial clients, Marketing News Magazine!  When the amazing Vince emails me with a project and describes it as “weird/fun/I’m excited”, the only response could be YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had such a fun time creating and piecing together all of the different elements for this one-make sure to also click play on the animation!  An awesome day filled with some of my favorite people (including the best leg and hand models in town!) and fueled with only the BEST food!!!!!  Please bring me more of your weird and fun-I’M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!:)

Assistants: Jacqueline Ayala, Tom Michas
Costume Designer: Amber Halaka
My favorite hand model: Chris Martiniano
Snapchat model/the best legs in town: Jacqueline Ayala
Retouching: Tom Michas (Tomikiss)
Catering: Andrea (OMG the risotto!!!!) Donadio